The BRO Space is a members-only physical space where young men of color, ages 14 to 24, come to fellowship and exercise their creative and intellectual talents. The mission of the BRO Space is to teach and encourage its members to heighten the economic and social fabric of their communities through community planning projects, coworking events, life coaching, mentoring, and mindfulness. Membership is granted to young men who commit to their own betterment, to be their brothers keeper, and thus to the elevation of their communities.


What would the world be like if we were intentional about the development of our young men of color, what would the world be like if we gave them a safe space to grow and learn. This is a question that I have been asking myself for a long time. Being sick and tired of having conversations about death and incarceration and what they won’t be! That I along with others have decided to  join a movement, where our sole mission is to transformational spaces for young men of color in communities that have too long been underserved and given false hope. Our model is to teach young men how to be connected , authentic & vulnerable for themselves which will impact where they live. We need other like minds who will join our efforts; why should you? because it will directly shape and revitalize your community as well, and we can be the collective that was based in prevention work, proactive support so that a young man and his family can get the intentional supports that they deserve. So please donate to the “Believe-IN-BRO CAMPAIGN”  We are looking for monthly donors, we are looking for folks who would love to give and have their networks also give. All of these efforts will take us a long way as a community. .