BRO X Rites Of Passage Program

The BRO Ex Rites of passage program was created to emphasize the idea that a responsible Thought leader should have dual identities. First he, is Knowledgeable about the world we live.  Secondly, He will demonstrate optimal social skills and interactions amongst his peers and adults within his environment and abroad. Lastly. He can critically in the most extreme situations which will allow him to be a better change agent for his family and community at large

The program’s main objective is to nurture and empower all young men to excel and be the best in areas such as improving his self-identity, self-worth and self-respect within all his environments.  This curriculum will teach scholars how to develop coping skills to manage the challenges they face at home and school in a healthy and realistic manner. With proper implementation, planning and evaluation of the BRO X program, these skills set in place will teach the scholar how to be a positive change maker in his community and society. 

Young Men will go through this journey of deep understanding as Co-hort supporting each other through their high school experience and beyond.

Core Principles: Authenticity, Connection & Vulnerability 

  • Participants will engage in social development activities that they might not otherwise be exposed to.
  • Much of the activities are designed to foster the development of self-awareness, empathy, altruism and a call to action 
  • Participants will engage in community service, primarily within the school and outside community. Some community service will include trips designed to expose them to different kinds of people and situations.
  • Hopefully, the positive things discussed in this course will spill over into the classroom, making students more successful, and minimizing behavior problems. 
  • Participants will be required to be present, prepared, and active in activities as they will receive a grade for scholarship.
  • Participants will also be required to remember some of the great men and women of color who activated social change throughout history.

Program Time Frame: Each Year we want the scholars to experience something different


9the Grade: Identity
10th grade: Impact
11th grade: Altruism

12th grade: Change Agent