What We Do

The staggering statistics we see are what young men of color endure in their lives. So much weight is placed on what they should be doing in life, and little intentional resources given to their personal growth and transformational development. Often most funding comes out around young men is either centered around college readiness, Sports, or Post incarceration. Little to none is ever given for prevention work. The BRO Experience foundation is attacking the social adversities head-on supportingĀ  families with direct social-emotional/ transformational-wellness support, along with increasing their literacy skills and also cultivating thought-provoking spaces and mentorship lift the burden of\nour absence of fathers in the house. We are committed to building stability and longevity for families and communities of color by providing opportunities for transformational Support while increasing positive images and portrayal of men of color across the globe through education, art, media, community activism & Mental Health.