The Mission of the Bro Experience foundation is to teach and encourage participants to be change agents, self advocates who are authentic, connected and vulnerable men for themselves and their families.

The BRO foundation is a transformational organization that supports the success and development of young men of color from 8 to 24 years of age. 


The BRO Experience Foundation (Brothers redefining Opportunity) was born out of the need for social change in communities of color. Barry Cooper aka Coach Coop was an educator for the Eagle Academy for Young men 2 located in Brownsville Brooklyn. At his time at Eagle and In the Department Of Education Cooper was amazed by how much respect and admiration Eagle as an institution would get from other schools and the community at large. Through his time at Eagle Being the dean and one of the culture leaders designing and implementing programs for social growth and connection he realized that so many other spaces didn’t have the understanding nor the framework for this type of transformational education. As a result, Schools across NYC struggled and the need was greater than ever to create other spaces that could and would support educational and community centers with positive transformational cultures. Cooper in 2017 decided to depart from Eagle and the Department of Education. And started his own educational¬† consultant company that supports other schools, build out culture and create spaces where young men of color could thrive. As the demand for the work increased, the birth of the BRO experience foundation was manifested, now going into 2021 the organization looks to support families throughout Brooklyn NY.