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Founder: Coach Coop

Barry Cooper, known as Coach Coop, has been in education for nearly a decade, effectively managing student behavior by providing social-emotional educational resources, tools, and strategies. Before co-founding the Culture Builders, he was a dean and Director of Culture. In that role, he helped foster stronger family engagement and community relations that promote positive school culture for scholars and educators alike. In addition, Barry has experience with the New York Department of Probation, mentoring youth who were formerly incarcerated through workshops centered on navigating emotions, identity, and decision making. He also supports professionals who want to make changes to their personal & business lives.

Coach Coop is also the author of an impactful self-help book entitled The Provider A Guide for co-parenting dads. Where he supports fathers with taking the mental journey through the process of being an effective presence for themselves and their children. He is the adjunct life & wellness educator for the CUNY FATHERHOOD Academy where he teaches transformational tools to hundreds of fathers in the New York City area.

Barry has a talent for bringing people together and is passionate about using that talent to better our youth.

Board of Directors

Joanna Clinton

Finance Professional In The Corporate & Public Sector.


Tamara Lynn

Facilitator | Coach | Momentum Education

Wilona Chambers

Board Leader Secratary 

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Jason Hendrickson

Lead Pastor | Community Faith Leader

Shawn Mason

NYC Educator